Hours at Hopkinton Reading Center

The hours at Hopkinton Reading Center are as follows:

Monday: 10am-12, 3:30-5:30pm

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday: 10am-12, 3:30-5:30pm

Thursday:  3:30-5:30pm

Friday: 10am-12


Sunday: closed



December 2018 New Arrivals!

Winter is upon us, and what better way to beat the wintery chill than with a cup of warm hot chocolate and a book? While we don't have cocoa (yet), we have some new books here for you just waiting to be explored. Come check them out!

Apothecary Rose by Robb

Donation Policy

We welcome hardcover and paperback books in good condition. We also accept CDs and DVDs. Items may be used to augment the library collection, or they may be sold to benefit the library.

The library cannot accept: textbooks (college, high school, ect.), LP records, magazines, audio cassettes or video tapes (VHS tapes), encyclopedias, Reader's Digest Condensed books, or books that have been wet or were stored in basements or garages (no mildew or dirt).

In Case of Inclement Weather Conditions

In order to ensure that our library volunteer for the day has safely arrived, Please call ahead before you venture out. Thank you! 

You can contact our library at (315) 328-4113 

If the area schools are closed, the library will be closed also in order to keep our staff safe.


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